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Glaxon Cheat GDA

Glaxon Cheat GDA
Glaxon Cheat GDA
Glaxon Cheat GDA
Glaxon Cheat GDA
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Cheat is a pre-meal formulation that is designed with you in mind to get the most out of the foods you eat while minimizing the potential drawbacks of putting on excessive weight. We’ve utilized various ingredients to make your body more sensitive to insulin, and to facilitate absorption of glucose and storage as glycogen. Carbs aren’t bad all the time, but when you know you’re about to indulge, just Cheat your way to success!


Ever feel like all your gains in the gym could be compromised in an instant by a poorly planned cheat day? We’re here for you! Maybe you even decide to carbo-load before a strenuous leg day at the gym and want to eat a few bowls of pasta before your big day. If there’s any time that you feel like you might be eating more carbs than you should, whether it be intentional or accidental - Cheat is here to help turn all of that into glycogen instead of stored body fat.


Cheat works through a few simple mechanisms: increasing insulin sensitivity, increasing the activity of glucose transporters, and supporting optimal blood flow.


Cheat is designed to be taken in one of two ways: either 2 capsules 1-hour before each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) or 3-capsules 1-hour before your most carbohydrate-dense meals. Maybe you’re not big on breakfast or maybe you don’t eat carbs at night, which would justify the 3-capsule serving size. Please note, that due to the precise delivery route to the small intestine that up to 90 minutes of gastric transit time may be necessary before the capsule contents actually deploy.

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